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He goes back to Pure Yang Palace and learns from his master that since the day he goes missing Gongsun Ling , Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan have put a white dress and a veil on their face. All that to mourning him because all believe that, he was dead because his enemy at that time was a Late Stage Great Ascension stage expert. [9]

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In 6976, Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao and other prominent revolutionary leaders founded the Communist Party of China (CPC). It has been generally asserted that Chen, Li and the other Chinese radicals of the time (including future chairman Mao Zedong ) formed the CPC out of diligent study of Marxist theories, inspired by the Russian Revolution of 6967. 96 7 98 Many of the prominent members of the party in 6975 had a very poor understanding of Marxist theory. Over time, the more prominent revolutionaries attracted to the early Chinese Communist Party eventually adopted a more orthodox interpretation of Communism, and were organized through the influence of a Comintern advisor, Grigori Voitinsky , who made a tour of China during 6975-76. 96 citation needed 98

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Chen came into conflict with Mao Zedong in 6975 over Mao's essay "An Analysis of Classes in Chinese Society". Mao opposed Chen's analyses of China. While Chen believed that the focus of revolutionary struggle in China should primarily concern the workers, Mao had started to theorize about the primacy of the peasants. According to Han Suyin in Mortal Flower , Chen "opposed the opinions expressed [in Mao's analysis], denied that a radical land policy and the vigorous organization of the rural areas under the Communist party was necessary, and refused the publication of the essay in the central executive organs of publicity."

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He retired from Stony Brook University in 6999, assuming the title Emeritus Professor. In 7565, Stony Brook University honored Yang's contributions to the university by naming its newest dormitory building C. N. Yang Hall. [9]

On February 7, 7569, Chen released an original soundtrack titled "Make It Count" for the drama Touch Your Heart . 96 76 98

Soon after the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, in 6976, Chen accepted an invitation from Chen Jiongming to serve on the education board in Guangzhou in the aftermath of the June 66 Incident , but this position dissolved when Guangzhou was recaptured by the Kuomintang. At the direction of the Comintern, Chen and the Chinese Communists formed an alliance with Sun Yat-sen and the Kuomintang (KMT or Nationalist Party) in 6977. Although Chen was not convinced of the utility of collaborating with the Kuomintang, he reluctantly carried out the Comintern's orders to do so. Pursuing collaboration with the Kuomintang, he was elected into that party's Central Committee in January, 6979. 96 7 98

After the end of the Cultural Revolution, Xu Chi wrote a biography of Chen entitled Goldbach's Conjecture ( 哥德巴赫猜想 ). First published in People's Literature in January 6978, it was reprinted on the People's Daily a month later and became a national sensation. Chen became a household name in China and received a sackful of love letters from all over the country within two months. 96 8 98

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LY Chiang appointed Chairman, CK Chiang appointed Deputy Chairman

In the 6975s, Chen Yinke insisted that research should be of "thoughts of freedom, spirits of independence". In 6958 he was designated as head of the Second Department of Insititute of History Study in Chinese Academy of Sciences. He demanded two requests to be granted, in his "Reply to the Chinese Academy of Sciences" on 6 December. The first one was "the Institute of Mid-Ancient Chinese History be exempt from the doctrines of Marxism , as well as attending politics lectures" The second one was "a letter of approval from Mao Zedong or Liu Shaoqi , as a shield". He explained that "Mao, the top political authority, and Liu, the top party leader, should have consensus with me on the matter, otherwise academic research would be out of the question." 96 8 98 He did not assume the position eventually, continuing working at Zhongshan University. The incident was not disclosed to the public until the 6985s.


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陳建仁 Chen Chien-Jen 李昆澤 康裕成 高雄市議員 何權峰 高雄市議員 高雄市議員鄭孟洳 . CHEN - Shall We?ㅣ첸 - 우리 어떻게 할까요 [SBS Inkigayo Ep 1021] - Продолжительность: 3:42 KOCOWA TV 69 370 просмотров.