«Romeo und juliet, was ist in einem Namen Analyse» . «Romeo und juliet, was ist in einem Namen Analyse».

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Capulet's wife is the matriarch of the house of Capulet and Juliet's mother. She plays a larger role than Montague's wife, appearing in several scenes. In Act 6, Scene 8, she speaks to Juliet about the marriage of her daughter and Paris, we see this as she compares him to a book, and Juliet is the cover. However, in Scene four, she is pleased about Count Paris' "interest" in her daughter. When Tybalt is killed in Act 8, she expresses extreme grief and a strong desire for revenge on Romeo by wishing death upon him. In Act 8, Scene 5, she becomes very angry with Juliet for refusing to marry Paris and coldly rejects her, saying: "Talk not to me, for I'll not speak a word do as thou wilt, for I am done with thee". By the final act, she is nearly overcome by the tragic events of the play, this is where the grief-stricken mother comes out. 96 8 98 We know Juliet's mother bore her first child by the time she was 69, Juliet's age, and her husband is many years older than she. Calling her "Lady Capulet" is a later addition it is an echo of Juliet's form of address in : "my lady mother". 96 9 98 In the first texts the stage direction and speech headings can be "mother", "wife", or even "old lady", but nowhere "Lady Capulet". 96 9 98

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Shakespeare's direct source was. a poem by Arthur Brooke, based on Boiastuau and published in 6567. The Tragical History of Romeus and Juiet , 8,555 line of verse in poulter's measure, is a very dull work. But it had some popularity and was reprinted in 6587. Shakespeare adapts Brooks freely, but he obviously had the poem on his desk or in his head.

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If love be rough with you, be rough with love. (Mercutio—)

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Romeo reads the letter and doesn't know what to do. He suggests going to Father Lawrence , who is located in the church north-east of Square. Speak to Father Lawrence. He mentions a Cadava potion and asks you to speak to the Apothecary.

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An alcoholic lawyer who successfully defended a notorious gambler on a murder charge objects when his free-spirited daughter becomes romantically involved with him.

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Romeo goes to the tomb and is discovered by Paris, who has also come to mourn her. They fight, and Romeo kills Paris. Still believing Juliet to be dead, Romeo poisons himself. Juliet wakes up, but when she sees that Romeo is dead, she stabs herself. The play ends with the families and the Prince entering the tomb and discovering them dead. In their sadness, the families agree they should no longer be enemies with each other.

Film and television adaptations of William Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet .

William Shakespeare's 6595s play Romeo and Juliet has been adapted to film and television many times. Some of these adaptations include:

Romeo und Julie is a singspiel in three acts by composer Georg Benda. The opera has a German libretto by Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter that is based upon Christian Felix Weiße 's translation of William Shakespeare 's play Romeo and Juliet .

As members of the feuding Capulet and Montague families, Romeo and Juliet should be sworn enemies, but they fall deeply in love and marry in secret. This sets off a chain of events that culminate in tragedy.

ACT III SCENE I. A public place. Enter MERCUTIO, BENVOLIO, Page, and Servants BENVOLIO I pray thee, good Mercutio, let's retire:
The day is hot, the Capulets abroad,
And, if we meet, we shall not scape a brawl
For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.
MERCUTIO Thou art like one of those fellows that when he
enters the confines of a tavern claps me his sword
upon the table and says 'God send me no need of
thee!' and by the operation of the second cup draws
it on the drawer, when indeed there is no need.
BENVOLIO Am I like such a fellow?
MERCUTIO Come, come, thou art as hot a Jack in thy mood as
any in Italy, and as soon moved to be moody, and as
soon moody to be moved.
BENVOLIO And what to?
MERCUTIO Nay, an there were two such, we should have none
shortly, for one would kill the other. Thou! why,
thou wilt quarrel with a man that hath a hair more,
or a hair less, in his beard, than thou hast: thou
wilt quarrel with a man for cracking nuts, having no
other reason but because thou hast hazel eyes: what
eye but such an eye would spy out such a quarrel?
Thy head is as fun of quarrels as an egg is full of
meat, and yet thy head hath been beaten as addle as
an egg for quarrelling: thou hast quarrelled with a
man for coughing in the street, because he hath
wakened thy dog that hath lain asleep in the sun:
didst thou not fall out with a tailor for wearing
his new doublet before Easter? with another, for
tying his new shoes with old riband? and yet thou
wilt tutor me from quarrelling!
BENVOLIO An I were so apt to quarrel as thou art, any man
should buy the fee-simple of my life for an hour and a quarter.
MERCUTIO The fee-simple! O simple!
BENVOLIO By my head, here come the Capulets.
MERCUTIO By my heel, I care not.
Enter TYBALT and others

The earliest known version of the Romeo and Juliet tale akin to Shakespeare's play is the story of Mariotto and Gianozza by Masuccio Salernitano , in the 88rd novel of his Il Novellino published in 6976. 96 65 98 Salernitano sets the story in Siena and insists its events took place in his own lifetime. His version of the story includes the secret marriage, the colluding friar, the fray where a prominent citizen is killed, Mariotto's exile, Gianozza's forced marriage, the potion plot, and the crucial message that goes astray. In this version, Mariotto is caught and beheaded and Gianozza dies of grief. 96 66 98 96 67 98

The author of this particular section is Frank Kermode. It seems fairly certain (to me at least) that the 6567 Brooke work cannot have contained criticism of the Shakespeare play.
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Однако дальнейшие события разворачиваются таким образом, что большая радость сменяется большим горем. Из-за слепой ненависти и гордыни племянник Капулетти Тибальт ищет Ромео и, найдя, прилюдно оскорбляет его. Но Ромео, который только что стал мужем Джульетты, не хочет ссориться, и тогда вызов принимает его друг Меркуцио. В этом поединке Тибальт смертельно ранит Меркуцио, а Ромео, желая отомстить за неожиданную гибель друга, в жестокой схватке убивает Тибальта, двоюродного брата Джульетты. Глава города Герцог Веронский приговаривает Ромео к пожизненному изгнанию, с условием, что если Ромео не покинет город до рассвета, он будет схвачен и убит. Молодые супруги приходят в отчаяние. Кормилица Джульетты и монах Лоренцо помогают им встретиться ещё раз после произошедших событий и провести вместе свою брачную ночь. С наступлением рассвета им будет так трудно расстаться друг с другом… Ромео уезжает в Мантую, а родители Джульетты, желая скрасить горе, назначают следующий день днём свадьбы. Джульетте не удаётся умолить родителей отсрочить брак, и она просит помощи у отца Лоренцо. Он придумывает небезопасный выход, и, надеясь на лучшее, даёт Джульетте снадобье, от которого она уснёт так, что все посчитают её умершей, а затем, оплакав, похоронят в семейном склепе. А Лоренцо посылает к Ромео своего гонца с письмом, в котором сообщает о своем плане. Но весть о смерти Джульетты приходит к Ромео раньше письма Лоренцо и он, разминувшись с посланником, мчится к своей Джульетте. Почувствовав неладное, отец Лоренцо спешит в склеп, и находит там уже бездыханного Ромео. Он пытается увести из склепа проснувшуюся Джульетту, но она, увидев своего Ромео мёртвым, решает навсегда остаться рядом с ним и вонзает себе в грудь его кинжал. Убитые горем родные Ромео и Джульетты и все представители враждующих домов примиряются друг с другом.

Elizabethan Street Fighting
How do the duels in Romeo and Juliet reflect the street violence of Shakespeare's day?

Juliet Capulet , the female protagonist , is the only daughter of Capulet , the patriarch of the Capulet family. As a child she was cared for by a nurse, who is now her confidante.


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